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Get to know Thanh Kieu! :)


Hi!! My name is Thanh Kieu and I am one of the girls that will be attended this trip to Guatemala! Some things I think you should know about me is that this is my first mission trip and I know very little Spanish. Sadly, the only words I know is hello, yes, no, bathroom, and how to count from 1 – 10. Although I have little experience, I am confident these fine ladies would not let anything bad happen to me! Since we were informed about this trip, I have grown to love every single one of these girls! They are like family to me and hold a huge factor to this trip.

One the side note, I am a Nutrition and Dietetics major and have a passion for kids, which is why I specifically choose to go to Guatemala. Working with kids from K-12 grade is something I am looking forward to doing. I am very anxious and excited for this trip and cannot wait to see what God does in our lives and the people around us. This summer will definitely be a summer to remember!!

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Thank you soo much for reading my post!!



Hola! Mi nombre es Kacie!


Hola! Mi nombre es Kacie!

Bendecidos! Just a little bit about myself. My initials sound out my name, I love mustaches, my second toe is bigger than my first and I am a glutard.

That being said, I am so excited to be going to Guatemala this summer and see the work of our Good Lord there.
also. MY TEAM IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!