Introducing Grace!


My name is Grace, and I’m the final member of our team to give an introduction. Like Sheila, I am from Colorado, but my family moved to Pennsylvania right after I graduated from high school so that’s where I am now. I thoroughly enjoyed my first year at Seattle Pacific and I look forward to spending the next three years studying there in the Emerald City.

I’m really excited to witness firsthand the work that God is doing in Guatemala City, and I’m both thrilled and humbled to have an opportunity to be a part of it. I have been studying Spanish since I started high school, so I’m looking forward to the chance to put that knowledge to the test! I’ll admit that I am a bit nervous, and I am praying that I don’t forget todas las palabras when I get down there.

That’s it for now – please keep the four of us in your prayers as we continue to prepare for our trip, and pray that we stay safe throughout our travels next Wednesday! Dios te bendiga!


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