It´s the Weekend!


It’s finally the weekend!! So we’ve been here for about five days now and there’s finally some down time! So far, everything is going smoothly. I met my host family and they are more than I could’ve asked for! They are so kind and warming. The dad is a teacher and the mom is a florist for weddings! She is so sweet. She’s always making sure I am harm and comfortable. She even picked flowers for me upon my arrival! Their family is huge! There are two brothers and three sisters but only three live at home. The older sister is always working so I mainly interact with the two younger ones. Becky, who is in high school and Julio who is in middle. Becky’s English is great so we’re always chatting it up! We talk about anything and everything. She loves photography so we’re always on her Tumblr and my Pinterest. At first, Julio was super shy. He would always ask his sister to translate what he wanted to ask me but now he’s very open. He’s always joking around and saying random phases in English. He even asked me to sing our National Anthem! At the school, I am working in the nursery and with kids from pres-kindergartners through priorities. Priority is above kindergartners but under 1st grade. They are a handful but I love them! They are so talkative, which can get a little overwhelming since I have no idea what they are saying! Whenever the English teacher does translate for me, it’s always something random like ¨be careful for your necklace¨ or ¨my dad has no hair on his head¨. Hahaha, they are so cute and funny! The staff there is great too!! They are always cracking jokes and making fun of each other. Though my Spanish is very limited, I can always somehow make out what they are saying! Other then that, I am just resting up for another eventful week! Until next time,



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