Day 5 [update from Grace]


Hey friends! Today is day 5 in Guatemala and I’m loving it. The weather is beautiful, the food is great, and I love my host family. At school, I’ve been working in Primaria [the elementary school], where they have two English teachers who rotate between the seven classrooms. I have been assisting the grammar teacher by helping the students with their pronunciation of English words. I love helping in the classroom and it makes me want to become a teacher!

One of the challenges that I’ve encountered so far is the language barrier between my family and I. They talk pretty fast, so it has been hard for me to understand their conversations, and it makes me feel lonely sometimes. However, we have been able to communicate pretty well. They are very understanding – when they talk to me, they speak slower and more clearly so that I’m able to understand them. They are so patient, even when I ask them to repeat themselves two or three times! My host father is very gracious, and when I can’t understand him he tries to speak in English even though he knows very few English words.

There is so much more I would love to say, but I’ll have to save the stories for later. Until then, continue praying for our safety, and Dios te bendiga!



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  1. So glad that you posted and that you’re doing ok. We will continue praying and we miss you very much! We had a small bday party for Ben this past weekend, he loved the moonbounce, and he got to see a couple school friends he hadnt see since June. We would love to hear more details and more stories about how you’re doing. Hope you’re feeling healthy and loving the experience! Love, Mom

  2. So happy you guys are doing this blog. I love it!

    Grace, I sent you an email, like you said but got an automated reply that said you wouldn’t answer until August 30th. You -did- say to send it to your spu email, right?


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