Another eventful week!

Though teaching can get a bit tiring, I love every minute of it. The kids from Miss Pasitos are amazing! Every day is different with them. This week, we had a spelling bee and an Olympic day along with the usual classes. The spelling bee went great, three kids from our priority class spelled cake, milk and snake and our kindergarten class performed a song. The younger kids loved the whole event and the older ones were so proud to be a part of it. The Olympics day was my all-time favorite this week because I got to share my little kids with Kacie, Shelia, and Grace. It was great, we each took a section and got to interact with every class. The kids loved it too! We had six sections: basketball, soccer, bowling, artistry, long jumps and hurtles. The kids were so tired after this event which was nice since we were exhausted as well. =P
On Friday, we were given some time together at the mall which was greatly needed. It was nice hanging out with the team without worrying about anything. It was very relaxed; we had lunch and walked around. A majority of the time we were trying to find the bathroom. It was great!! We shared a lot of laughter and tears that day…
Saturday was another eventful day! Paris took our team on a tour of Guatemala City and Antigua. We got to see a bunch of monuments around the city and went downtown where we went to Central Park and the train museum. It was a lot of fun!! After, we went to Antigua where we went shopping for souvenirs. It was a blast! We got to learn some bargaining tips from Paris which was a plus. We didn’t have much time so we just shopped and ate at a restaurant that a bunch of famous people visited, included Bill Clinton if I remembered correctly. After, Kacie and I had to wait for our fathers to finish working so we figured we would check our emails, sadly that was an epic fail since we couldn’t figure out how to make the @ sign on the keyboard. It was hilarious; we were literally trying to figure it out for at least five minutes until we gave up. It was a day of team bonding and getting to know Paris a bit more!
Sunday I got to go to Jutiapa with my family. My host father was a pilot for the military so we were invited to church by the commander and chief. Originally, I thought we were simply going to go to church and go home but this was not the case! He invited us to hang out with his family at his vacation house! My siblings and I got to go hiking, horseback riding and swimming with his kids! We hiked/climbed up a mountain which was breathtaking! We were standing on a sign that was visible on the drive up to Jutiapa. After, we got to ride the military horses! This was memorable experience since I have never ridden a horse, not to mention my sister fell off one of the horses! Surprisingly, she was all smiles after the fall! Once we got back, we just relaxed in the pool. Played some Marco Polo and taught the oldest son (23) how to swim. In short, today was amazing!! Definitely a day I will remember. Pictures will be posted soon. Thanks for reading,

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