Primaria joy! by Sheila


   Hola, amigos! It´s day 20, and life is grand here in the Land of Eternal Spring.
   Looking back over the past twenty days, it feels like we´ve only been here for five. My Spanish, though sometimes incomprehensible, is becoming easier to use, I´m getting to know the kids by name and class (which is hard when there´s over 100 of them), and I´m really settling into my family, who likes to lovingly tease me. Everyday, I fall more in love with Guatemala and more in love with being a teacher.
   Grace and I teach at Primaria, or the elementary school. I work with Rosio, the lovely Phonics teacher. Primaria houses grades one through four, and there are two classes ( A & B) for every grade with about twenty kids in each class. Let me tell you, it is such a joy to wrok with these kids. Every time I walk into a classroom, the kids chant “Hola, Rosio/Sheila, Bienvenidos a clase ____,” which is usually followed up with a bunch of hugs and rapid Spanish that I can only hope to half understand. In the classes, I usually help with things like pronunciation, spelling, reading, and leading small exercises. When I´m not in a class, I´m helping Rosio with the notebooks and grading. Sometimes, I get to play basquetbol or voleibol with the kids at recreo, and that´s always a great time. 
    The world should know how great my kids are. They are enthusiastic about everything. They are incredibly affectionate. And they are so insanely caring. There was a week of prayer where every morning the kids would pray together. One girl asked for prayers for her family, and one of her classmates voluntarily prayed for her. This is a ten year old we´re talking about. This simple gesture, so often taken for granted, really struck me and showed me how big these kid’s hearts are. That, of course, is only one example of the magnitude of their kindness. They continuously show me grace, mercy, and love. I love hanging out with my kids. 
    With only ten days left, the team is tempted to accidentally “miss” our flights home and stay in Guatemala. For the time being, however, our days are filled with laughter (lots of it, sometimes of the hysterical kind), culture, delicious food, and amazing kids who are belssing us, teaching us, and making us grow. My life is changing while my faith in God is deepening. Again, a big thanks to our support back home, and hasta luego! Besos!


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