Tracking flights


Hi friends!

A parent asked about flight delays related to Hurricane Isaac. Our team’s flights probably won’t encounter weather problems directly, but it does appear that issues elsewhere are delaying those flights today.

Today’s flight from Guatemala City to Houston is delayed 5 hours, waiting for the plane to arrive. That suggests to me that their leg of the flight won’t have to deal with weather, but may be delayed by weather elsewhere.

Stay tuned at the United flight tracker at

Remarkably, Sheila’s flight to Ft Lauderdale is on time today. Track that flight at

I’ll let you know if I hear anything else.



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    • They all leave tomorrow. I thought of compare flights just to see how the delays looked. Hopefully things will clear up soon. 😉


      • Hi Owen….Kacie’s Grandpa here….Are they to be on Flight 1456 out of Texas?
        Thanks, Jim Morrison

      • Hi Jim!

        That’s correct. Kacie and Thanh are on United 1456 from Houston to San Francisco. United says that flight is on time today – should arrive at 1:35 pm.


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