Coming Home by Sheila


Today is the day that we return to the States. It is with mixed emotions that we prepare to return to our homes, as we feel that we have gained new homes here in Guatemala. However, it´s clear that we all want to come back someday.

Some things that I know that I´ve learned through the trip are not only skills that are helpful in a foreign country, but throughout all aspects of life. For one, I will never take advantage of my ability to ask a question again! While we have all learned how to communicate in a unique way with those surrounding us, there were times when you just couldn´t figure out what or how to say something.

Which brings me to my next skill, which is learning to interpret and communicate without words. As you can imagine, this ¨skill¨often leads to laughter, because I, for one, have made a complete fool of myself trying to mime what it was that I needed.

The most important thing I´ve learned, however, is that the God of the United States is the same God in Guatemala. In fact, he´s the same everywhere. How great is that? Never once have I felt abandoned by him. Never once have I felt like there was a dichotomy between the Father that I praise and the Señor my family and friends here praise. It is with this promise of security that I return home today, knowing that God has been on this journey with me and my team, knows our hearts, and knows exactly how this will impact us in the future.

As I sit in our office for the last time (alone, pobrecita yo), I want to say thank you to my students, who made everyday a bright and happy one full of hugs, thank you to my family, who housed me and made sure I was lovingly teased on a daily basis, thank you to Paris and Ury, who provided every comfort and extended such a warm, welcoming hand of friendship, thank you to all of the staff at America Latina, who made us feel like one of them, and, lastly, thank you to every single person back home who has supported us, prayed for us, and await our return–especially our families. We feel so blessed to have been a part of this wonderful school, and we can´t wait to figure out: what´s next?


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